Our Services Include:

  • Line Editing

    Line Editing

    Line Editing includes but is not limited to checking the manuscript for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement and shifts in tone/tense/person/number.

  • Content Editing

    Content Editing

    Content editing looks at proper manuscript formatting, characterization, strength of storyline or plot, setting, imagery, word choice, tone, use of foreshadowing and other literary techniques, appropriateness of dialogue, and point of view.

  • Manuscript Evaluation

    Manuscript Evaluation

    The manuscript evaluation/developmental editing service provides a written report that covers six key areas with regard to your manuscript – Character Development, Dialogue and Description, Narrative Voice and Tone, Structure and Pacing, Plot and Thematic Difficulties, and Stylistic Issues.

  • Launch Consulting

    Launch Consulting

    Do you need help choosing your categories and keywords? How about writing that all-important product description? Do you have a written launch plan for your first ninety days?

  • Mailing List Development

    Mailing List Development

    Whether you're just setting up your mailing list or looking for ways to increase your subscriber rate quickly, Tightwriting can help.

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook can be a terrific promotional and marketing platform, if used correctly. Rather than spending time and energy to understand its many unique features, let us handle your advertising and marketing campaigns.

  • Monthly Coaching

    Monthly Coaching

    We offfer one-on-one coaching via telephone or Skype to help you move your project to the next level. The package includes three 45 minute coaching sessions per month and regular email contact.

  • One Year Mentorship

    One Year Mentorship

    Work one-on-one with a bestselling writer for an entire year and watch your abilities and career grow by leaps and bounds! Package includes 26 sessions (one every two weeks) plus manuscript editing. Dramatically improve your understanding of not only the craft of storytelling but the business of being a professional writer.

  • Foreign Rights Consulting

    Foreign Rights Consulting

    Each new book you produce is another asset in a growing portfolio of products. We will put our experience in marketing foreign rights to work for you to expand both your income and your reading audience with foreign editions of your work.

Clients we’ve worked with in one capacity or another include:

DalzelleKOCMJS Hope
NovakDeleckiHardFall - Lyons

 and many more!