Writing can be a lonely and frustrating business. Finding the time to pursue your creativity, breaking through that seemingly endless wall of rejection, and staying focused on a particular project are just some of the issues that plague writers. Sometimes you need someone to motivate and encourage you to be the best that you can be. Working with a successful novelist who is also trained as a coach can move your writing to that next level and shatter some of the roadblocks currently standing in your way.

One-on-one coaching via telephone or Skype is available to help you move your project to the next level. The package includes three 45 minute coaching sessions per month and unlimited emails. Requires a three month commitment up front and continues on a month-to-month agreement after that point.

Cost: $150.00 per session


Work one-on-one with a bestselling writer for an entire year and watch your abilities and career grow by leaps and bounds!  Package includes 26 sessions (one every two weeks) plus manuscript editing.  Dramatically improve your understanding of not only the craft of storytelling but the business of being a professional writer.  Recent clients have gone on to land agents, sell their first novel, and even be nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards.  Limited slots available.

Cost: $4,500.00