Editing Services


Line Editing focuses on identifying instances of showing versus telling, poor/forced/stilted dialogue, overuse of dialogue tags or attribution, fluff words, changes in POV, unclear or confusing passages, repeated words or phrases, cliches, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.  Cost is $0.01 per word.

Content Editing costs $0.02 per word and focuses on identifying issues with:

  • Story Structure – overall structure, use of conflict and tension, having solid beginning, middle, and end
  • Conflict – believability of the conflict overall, proper use of tension and stakes, increasing the conflict as the tale unfolds
  • Characters – character goals, motivations, POV, good use of secondary characters, believability of the central conflict, fully detailed antagonists, and similar issues
  • Craft – voice, showing vs telling, POV, inner and outer dialogue, foreshadowing, raising the stakes, resolution of central conflict and the like

We utilize the Track Changes and Comments features in Word to make it easy for a client to review and accept any suggested changes. Projects are completed within 2-6 weeks depending upon length.

Manuscript Evaluation is a down-n-dirty version of a content edit.  We will read your manuscript and provide a report noting issue in six major categories:

  • structure and pacing
  • narrative voice and tone
  • dialogue and descriptions
  • character development
  • plot and thematic issues
  • stylistic changes

Cost is $750.00 for a 100K word manuscript.  Query for longer.