Launch Services


A succesful ebook launch requires a number of important variables to work in concert with each other.  Everything from the categories and keywords you select to the way that your product description is laid out on the page can impact how well your book does during the critical 90 days following its launch. Why navigate this alone?  Put the experience and expertise of our team to work for you!

We will help you select the categories that are most advantageous for your book and then work with you to find the best keyword combinations to increase your book’s visibility. We will write a captivating product description and author bio to give your product page a professional look and feel that is designed to drive sales.  Last but not least, we can help you strategize and develop a promotional plan for building on your initial success.

Cost: $125.00


In today’s publishing environment it has become more important than ever for authors to have direct contact with their readers.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is through a custom-tailored mailing list, which will do more for an author’s success than any other promotional technique available, including advertising.

Through this service we will help you plan a mailing list strategy and then put that strategy into production.  Includes mailing list account set-up, squeeze page production and implementation (including graphics), as well as the creation of a six-part automation sequence to follow-up with your new subscribers.

Cost: $300.00