Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with us…

“The key to good writing is re-writing. The key to great writing is superb editing. Dawn not only has a sophisticated grasp of the mechanics of great writing, but understands how to take your style and polish it to a high gloss. We had a terrific time working with her on a major writing project, and look forward to working closely with her in the future.” —- Dr. Tim Kimmel, Bestselling author and speaker 

Joe’s work in crafting the right ads for my Facebook campaign was professional and effective. He walked me through the many layers of Facebook advertising and helped me to understand how to design an ad that would target the right reader base and help to gain more “Likes” and more readership, and implemented the campaign seamlessly. I would definitely work with Joe again on future campaigns and strongly recommend him and his service.  —- Julia Kent, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Romance Writer

“It has been a great asset for our organization to retain Dawn’s services. Currently she is editing and proof-reading all of our written communications. As we continue to grow she will be reviewing our curriculum, website, and other electronic media. It is very comforting to know that our message is being effectively communicated.” —- Eric Garcia, Co-founder and speaker, Phoenix Leadership Forum

“The team at Tighterwriting has an unrivalled understanding of the ins and outs of the murky side of Facebook where algorithms live, and knows how to tailor and target promotions to reach the right readers. But that’s not even the half of it, they’re always looking to learn, develop an even deeper understanding of this arcane stuff that is anathema to most authors. In essence they have the keys to the modern day digital kingdom and they’re willing to share.” —- #1 UK Best Seller Steven Savile

“Joe Nassise took great care in designing my ad and kept me informed of the progress, even going so far as to suspend the ad briefly when he felt conditions warranted it.  Joe was a joy to work with.” —- USA Today Bestselling Author Karen Fenech

“Working with Joe and the team at Tighterwriting helped me rediscover the writer’s voice I thought I had lost from years of being in a different industry.  He was also correct in convincing me that my voice and style is marketable … I have the cheques now to prove it!”
Ken Lillie-Paetz, author of the Elsinore comics

“Joe and Dawn did an amazing job on my developmental edit. They were both supportive of the things that were working in the book, and clearly and concisely pointed out the areas that could use improvement. Their detailed report far exceeded my expectations and really helped me to polish the book so that I could publish it confidently, knowing I was putting forward my very best effort. I have already hired them to do an edit on my next Sugar and Clive book!” —- Alexandra Amor

“Joe Nassise was an invaluable resource in writing my first novel, HELLFIRE. As a first time novelist, I had questions, problems, and uncertainties. Joe walked a delicate tightrope by helped with all of these, while making sure the story and writing were my own. Joe is not only an extraordinary coach, but also a genuinely good person and a pleasure to work with. His coaching is a great value; I plan to take advantage of his help again.” —- Richard B. DeMille, author of Hellfire

“I’ve sat through many writing workshops — Joe Nassise eclipsed them all.  He is extremely professional, experienced and easy to work with.  His insight has been truly invaluable.”   —- Alex MacLean, author of Grave Situation

“In the last one year, Joe and I have seen my novel grow from a fledgling to a finished product. He helped me understand novel basics: character arc, story arc, plot points, character drive, and the importance of layering and subplots. More than that, he helped me recognize the plot loopholes, why some things worked and others didn’t, and, most important, why I should keep believing in my vision, which, I think, is the biggest thing a newbie writer wants. Publishing is a strange world. Maneuvering it alone without friends or mentors is nearly impossible, or, if not impossible, years’ consuming. Takes a long time to figure this thing out. And that was Nassise’s greatest strength. He was both a mentor and a friend. We didn’t just stop with novel completion, we talked about querying, synopsi, pitches, approaching agents etc. He encouraged me to believe that I, too, could become a mainstream writer. Exactly one year later, I have three agent offers for my manuscript, all with decent publishing houses. Had it not been for him, my current reality might have been quite different.”  —- Hugo Award and Nebula Award nominee Usman Malik